Welcome! I am the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Brown University, and am a licensed psychologist in Rhode Island, Oregon, and Washington.

Clinically, I work from an integrative therapeutic framework, which means that I apply knowledge and techniques from multiple schools of psychology and other disciplines to help my clients meet their goals.

Previously, I was the Assistant Director of Counseling & Training at the University of Portland (2012-2017), and Lead Psychologist at Washington State University Vancouver (2008-2012). I saw my first counseling client in 2002, and became licensed in 2009.

I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at Baldwin-Wallace College (now University) in Berea, Ohio (2001), my doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (2007), and my internship and post-doctoral residency at the University of Delaware (2006-2008).

Additionally, I am personally committed to social and restorative justice in the broadest sense, and I strive to advance diversity, inclusion, and safety in all communities. I see this as an essential component of building real mental health.

Additionally, the self-help information on this page is focused on taking current research and theory and transforming it into being helpful for everyday life. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance, and thank you for visiting.

pronouns he / him
willmeek @ gmail (dot) com