About Me

I have been in university counseling center leadership since 2008 when I started my first job as a one-person counseling center Washington State University Vancouver. I was the first full-time mental health professional at the university, and I developed the program so that a single clinician could manage the needs of the 4000 students, many of which were uninsured.

From there I went to the University of Portland where as a small (4 person) staff we began to experiment with ultra-brief counseling sessions and flexible follow up options. This allowed us to see a much greater number of students for care, in addition to significantly improving wait time.

In 2017 I started as Director of Counseling & Psychological Services at Brown University. Here, I worked with student leaders, our amazing staff, and campus and administrative partners to evolve our counseling center; significantly improving access, staff diversity, and options for on-campus care. We focus on same-day access, providing immediate treatment, and creating a culturally informed and inclusive space for both students and staff.

As a clinician, I provide counseling from an integrative therapeutic framework, which means that I apply knowledge and techniques from multiple schools of psychology and other disciplines to help my clients meet their goals.

In addition to these aspects of my work, I am a consultant for universities on evolving campus mental health systems to meet current student needs, and I offer training for counseling teams interested in adapting their individual styles to provide brief (20-30 minute) counseling sessions.

Education & Training 

I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at Baldwin-Wallace College (now University) in Berea, Ohio (2001), my doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (2007, APA), and my internship (2006, APA) and post-doctoral fellowship (2008) at the University of Delaware.