Training & Consultation

I have time in my schedule each week just to connect with folks who are interested in talking about their system and sharing ideas. Send me and email if you’re interested in talking.

Additionally, for centers that want a more formal program around this work, I provide training and consultation for college campus mental health professionals and systems. I have worked with both small (2000 enrolled) and large universities (30,000+), and everything in between. Below is an overview of the types of services I can provide.

The pricing for these is flexible and will be related to travel, time of year, time on site, size of school, and number of components. Depending on the situation, I can do this in person or on video conference, and occasionally with a co-presenter. Contact me to talk through those aspects ([email protected]).

Concise Session Training
The most requested service is training counseling center staff on conducting concise psychotherapy sessions, which are 25-30 minutes in length. This includes a theoretical overview and demonstration of a session. This is usually 2-3 hours and also includes an overview of the larger context for doing concise sessions at a counseling center, a role play of a concise session, and opportunities for staff to share concerns about the format and ask broader questions.

Flexible Care Model Presentation
The other most common request is for a presentation on the Flexible Care Model that includes the origin, philosophy, story of transformation at the universities that have implemented it, and outcomes. I have found that this is good to do for broader audiences that includes leadership from Health Services, Health Promotion, Campus Life / Student Affairs, and other related areas on campus.

Counseling Center Consultation
I also regularly consult with counseling center leadership teams on implementing some of the features of the Flexible Care Model (same day access, variable session lengths, immediate treatment orientation, customized follow up plans). In these conversations I can let you what generally works and what hasn’t, provide suggestions on how to pilot or implement aspects of it, manage change for clinical staff, and create messaging for the campus community.

Campus Mental Health Consultation
Sometimes counseling centers are looking for more formal recommendations that they can take to senior administrators to advocate for improvements for their center, or support for change. This involves more conversation and a deeper dive into center culture and statistics, and ideally meetings with those professionals.