Couples & Marriage Counseling

I find that couples come to see me for relationship or marriage counseling when they reach a level of dissatisfaction that becomes concerning, or when the issues facing them start to become more than they can handle alone.

In relationship counseling I aim to help couples find creative solutions to their differences and grow together in ways that are fulfilling for both people. We do this by identifying core issues, examining communication patterns, finding new ways to be emotionally close, and developing realistic ways to solve problems.

Below are the major areas of concern and specific issues that most couples that come to therapy face.


  • Conflict/arguing frequency or style
  • Criticism, blaming, or defensiveness
  • Power and control issues
  • Gender role expectation differences
  • Unresolved or reoccurring arguments
  • Sexual chemistry/interest problems


  • Trust issues
  • Balancing separateness and togetherness
  • Different levels of emotional expression
  • Emotional explosions or breakdowns
  • Disconnection or coldness
  • Sense of tension or anger
  • Manipulation or aggression problems
  • Infidelity or other betrayal


  • Parenting differences or problems with children
  • Differences in values or belief systems
  • Work or financial stress
  • Balancing home and work life
  • Issues with in-laws or social relationships
  • Partner health issue or substance abuse
  • Commitment issue or deciding to stay together

I also invite you to read some of my articles about relationships, which can provide a good starting place for making your relationship better. I’d recommend checking out Healthy Relationships, Basic Relationship Needs, and Romantic vs. Committed Love.

If you are ready to work through some of these things and improve your relationship, then I invite you to contact me today and we can get started.